Welcome To The New Site!

2015 was an amazing year and we would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the last 18 months. We are trying to make something unique to the UK and want create a sense of community around the centre.

The new website is designed to create a hub where all our riders are able to share their experiences at BMCC, either in photos, videos or in words. We are offering the chance to win a free uplift every month by sending your own rides so we can post them up on the website or through our social channels. All you have to do is follow the upload link and send us your files.

We would also love to see any photos you may have and if there are any budding bloggers out there we would welcome any guest posts.

For now enjoy the new site and we look forward to seeing you soon…

2 responses to “Welcome To The New Site!

  1. I run a 6-bed bunkhouse and small eco-campsite at Middle Ninfa Farm on the slopes of the Blorenge just south of Abergavenny.
    We have had several groups come to stay so they can cycle at your centre. They speak highly of what you offer as I believe they do of our accommodation.
    Would it be worthwhile us exchanging links on our websites? Ours is http://www.middleninfa.co.uk.
    I am in my 70th year and still do a little mountain biking and utility cycling, but I assume that even your blue runs might be ambitious for me?

    1. Hi Richard,

      That would be great. We have had a few issues with our website but are in the process of updating it so we will add a link to your website.
      You would probably find that the blue run would be fine for you. It is free flowing and rollable and many intermediate riders enjoy it. Hope to see you up here soon!


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