Code of Conduct

Black Mountains Cycle Centre Code of Conduct

Below are a few points we would like you to consider before riding to ensure the health and safety of all our riders and staff as well as allowing you to get the most out of your BMCC experience.

• Please try and keep noise and inappropriate language to a minimum. We have had some noise complaints in the past and it is important that we are considerate of our neighbours.
• Please take your litter with you or put it in a bin provided and do not leave rubbish and bottles at the side of the tracks.
• Do not walk up the tracks, if you have to stop please try and move off the riding surface as soon as possible.
• Please be aware of your own ability and familiarise yourself with the tracks before riding.
• Ensure you have the correct equipment and check the maintenance of your bike before riding.
• When riding on the uplift trailer, please make sure that you are always seated and do not disembark the trailer until the tractor has completely stopped.
• If you are a push and ride rider and have purchased an uplift ticket, please remember that those riders who have a day’s uplift pass have priority on boarding the trailers.
• If you are a push and ride rider, please be aware that tractors and other vehicles will be using the push up track, so keep to the side of the track.
• A couple of our tracks do pass over public right of ways please abide by any signs to be aware of members of the public.
• In the unfortunate case of an accident or injury, please ensure that you report it to a member of staff to ensure so that it can be recorded and reviewed for future reference.

We hope that you have a great day riding at BMCC!

Thank you!

The BMCC staff